VALERI Project
VALERI Project


VALERI Final Demonstration at Airbus DS facilities in Sevilla

VALERI as successfully demonstrated in Airbus DS facilities at the end of October, 2015.

The video lets you hear firsthand from the development team about the main innovations of the project.

VALERI Tests with carbon fiber inspection system

To demonstrate the flexibility of the VALERI system, we integrated Profactor’s FScan Fibre Angle Sensor into VALERI and carried out inspections on braided carbon fiber parts at FACC’s facilities.

The video shows the integrated system inspecting a test part and shows the inspection results.

The robot navigates autonomously to the part, avoiding obstacles along the way. It then localizes itself relative to the part, and carries out the inspection in multiple passes. The inspection results could be matched together and in general the inspection worked well with the mobile system.

Final Project Meeting and Demo

The final VALERI project meeting took place on October 20-21st in Sevilla, Spain at Airbus DS facilities.

The demo was a success (more videos to come soon)!

Many thanks to the VALERI team for such an exciting and ambitious project. DSC_6756-23VALERI_(VideoPro-Media)-13

Events in 2015

VALERI will be presented at the following events in 2015:

European Robotics Forum, Vienna, Austria, March 11-13th, 2015 [Workshop Agenda]

ICRA, Seattle, WA, May 26th-30th, 2015 [Workshop Agenda]

Fraunhofer IFF Fachtagung Assistenzrobotik und Mensch-Roboter-Kollaboration, Magdeburg, Germany, June 24-25th, 2015 [Workshop Agenda]

IROS, Hamburg, Germany, October 2nd [Workshop Agenda]

Haptic Interaction Through Tactile Sensing

The video shows experiments on haptic interaction with the VALERI system.

The test persons were given a short verbal introduction on how to move the robot through haptic interaction (by touching the tactile sensors) and asked to complete a task of moving from a start position and configuration to a final position.

The tactile sensors on the column act as a 3-position enabling switch and by pressing the tactile sensors on the platform, the users were able to give the direction the robot should move.

This type of quick, simple interaction is useful on the shop floor to move the robot out of the way.



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